Forever Muslim

For those little moments that we all experience as Muslims.
  • me: makes wudhu for Isha relatively early
  • me: rewards self with several hours on internet
  • me: ends up praying Isha late


I bet Muslims have the fittest and tightest butt cheeks ever.

All that tensing to keep your wudu.

Muslim Problems


Having to keep your finger on the remote when watching American TV cause you never know when something totally inappropriate is gonna come on…. 

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“If she fasts all of Ramadan… She’s too young for you bro”

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I had a hot date last night.

Thinking that any odd glance you get is simply because you’re a Muslim.

Forever Muslim.

Non-Muslims cram for exams.

We make du’a and promise to forego our bad deeds in exchange for the miracle of a pass.

Forever Muslim

Forever Muslim

  • me: I'm not really open with my parents. I wouldn't be able to tell them if I liked someone.
  • him: yeah, I wouldn't be able to tell mine that I even knew what a girl was.

One of the saddest moments in life:

Farting just as you’re about to finish praying.

Forever Muslim.